Responding to Domestic & Family Violence in LGBTQ+ Communities
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Free training for frontline workers

Through the generous work of experts, survivors and our partners, we’ve created a learning resource for frontline workers to help you support LGBTQ+ people experiencing domestic and family violence.

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Paramedic (Australia)

The training is excellent and I really appreciated the little safety check-ins throughout.

Probation Officer (United Kingdom)

Our aim in the UK is to get this training wide spread so more people get to complete it as it’s absolutely amazing!

Police Officer (New Zealand)

Thank you for all the hard work that has gone into the eLearning course. I especially enjoyed and appreciated the lived experience videos

Domestic Violence Court worker (Australia)

Loved the course! Found it really well done and educational. Our whole DV team will be doing it to better assist our clients.

Emergency Nurse (Australia)

Once I started the eLearning, I didn’t want to stop.  The program answered all my questions and I loved the trans emergency department scenario as that very scenario had happened at my hospital just last week.

Doctor (United Kingdom)

I ABSOULUTELY LOVE IT! It’s so informative and inspiring to watch victim-survivors discuss such personal experiences. Every single person who shared their stories are true inspirations and incredibly brave.

Department of Housing Officer (Australia)

Thank you to you and the team for developing a powerful and insightful training package.  I particularly liked the reflection of frontline workers needing to consider asking questions in a different way, intersectionality in the queer community and the safety check-ins during the training.

Police Officer (Australia)

I like that people from various agencies are in it and talking about their experiences. It’s more personable and I find myself having moments of “totally understand what your just said!”

Emergency Nurse (Australia)

It is actually phenomenal! One of the best queer modules I have ever done!

Domestic Violence Support Service (Australia)

I loved how interactive it was with the videos and the real life examples this is perfect!

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